João Paulo and Daniel

With eight albums and a live-recorded CD of extreme selling success, João Paulo e Daniel inscribed themselves firmly in the music business, despite the precocious interruption of the duo's career (by João Paulo's demise by accident in 1997). In that period, their albums won gold, platinum, and double-platinum records, and were also included on major national soap-opera soundtracks. João Paulo e Daniel, Vol. 8, sold more than a million copies. João Paulo and Daniel used to participate in music festivals upstate São Paulo in the condition of main opponents, until they discovered that their voices had a good blend and decided to work together in 1980. The first album came in 1985, Amor Sempre Amor, focusing in the overly romantic repertory and interpretation. National and top-selling success came only with the fifth album, João Paulo & Daniel (1989), with hits "Só Dá Você Na Minha Vida," "Desejo de Amar," "Marcas de Um Amor," and "Malícia de Mulher." João Paulo e Daniel, Vol. 5 (1994) won gold and platinum records. Their biggest hit, "Estou Apaixonado," a Carlos Colla version for Donato/Stefano's "Estoy Enamorado" was released in João Paulo e Daniel, Vol. 7 (1996). In the same year, the compilation Os 14 Maiores Sucessos de João Paulo e Daniel sold 500,000 copies. The duo still had time to release one more album before João Paulo died in a car accident in a São Paulo highway. Daniel continued with his work and has had an even higher selling for his two solo albums released so far.

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