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JOYFULTALK is a project of Canada's Jay Crocker, whose hypnotic, polyrhythmic compositions incorporate a wide array of influences, including techno, Krautrock, minimalism, and Japanese environmental music. On albums such as 2018's Plurality Trip, JOYFULTALK created choppy, kinetic pieces utilizing instruments built by Crocker. A Separation of Being (2020) is a brighter, more refined work composed as a massive graphic score.
Originally from Calgary, Crocker has been making experimental music and indie rock since the mid-2000s, both as a solo artist and as part of bands such as Cousins and Ghostkeeper. In 2011, he moved to the much smaller town of Crousetown, Nova Scotia, where he built and operated a home studio. After spending several years developing a new musical direction, he began performing intricate electronic compositions as JOYFULTALK, developing a visualized composition methodology called the Planetary Music System. A self-released 2014 cassette preceded debut album MUUIXX, recorded using over a dozen self-built instruments and modified synthesizers. The full-length was released by Drip Audio and Backward Music in 2015. Along with live collaborator and Cousins bandmate Shawn Dicey, Crocker recorded the dark, hazier Plurality Trip, which appeared on Constellation Records in 2018. JOYFULTALK's third album, A Separation of Being, was issued two years later. A major departure from the project's earlier work, the release is a buoyant, intricately arranged post-minimalist suite based on a graphic score designed as a giant mural. ~ Paul Simpson