Order of Ennead

Tampa, FL's Order of Ennead was forged in 2007 from the shards of an earlier group named Council of the Fallen, which had released a pair of progressive death/black metal albums earlier in the decade, and also featured vocalist/guitarist Kevin Quirion, bassist Scott Patrick, and drummer Steve Asheim (he of Deicide fame). So after securing the services of young guitarist John Li, the original trio announced their rebirth by adopting the ancient Greek word, Ennead, given to the nine deities believed to have spawned civilization. Soon after, they signed with Earache and recorded their eponymous debut album, which fused elements of thrash, death, black, and progressive metal into a striking sonic blend -- as violent as it was surprisingly melodic, at times. Quirion and Asheim also stayed busy by performing with Deicide in 2008. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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