Raga Rockers

One of the most successful rock outfits in Norwegian history, the Raga Rockers were formed in 1982 after leader Michael Krohn, then a drummer in punk band Kjott, was turned down in his attempts to bring a heavier rock influence to his then-current band. Beginning with 1983's Return of the Raga Rockers, the band built a massive following in Norway, with a sound influenced heavily by the Ramones and new wave sounds of the day. Following a string of successful albums, the band announced their end in 1991. With a four-year farewell concert series, the group ultimately remained un-retired and returned to recording with the comeback album Perler for Svin. Disappearing from the scene again in 2000 (purportedly related to the death of friend Jokke from Jokke & the Valentines), the band only resurfaced in 2005, though Krohn continued recording with side projects. The band released Ubermensch to number 1 status on the Norwegian charts in 2007. ~ Adam Greenberg

    Oslo, Norway

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