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The musical brainchild of Craig Clouse and featuring collaborators from the U.K. and Texas, Shit & Shine began as a noise and hard electronics project and later moved into more eclectic and sometimes danceable sounds. Shit & Shine's 2004 debut album You're Lucky to Have Friends Like Us introduced the sense of humor, as well as cheeky samples and numerous drummers, that set Clouse apart from other noise and experimental acts around at the time. Proving to be a prolific producer, he issued a slew of releases on the label Riot Season throughout the mid- and late 2000s. His productions started to resonate with the industrial and noise revival sounds from the likes of Powell and Russell Haswell in 2012 and beyond. Powell subsequently signed Clouse to his Diagonal label; Clouse released a four-track EP in 2013. He followed this up with the full-length Powder Horn in 2014. With 2015's 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral, Clouse incorporated dance elements -- as well as jazz, funk and krautrock -- into Shit & Shine's music, while that year's Chakin' compilation gathered Sun Ra and Miles Davis-inspired tracks recorded for Clouse's Tuesday Jazz Chat series on YouTube. Later that year, Clouse moved to Editions Mego for Everybody's a Fuckin Expert, which blended, noise, techno, funk and dub. Shit & Shine remained unpredictable with 2016's grindcore-influenced Teardrops and the following year's Some People Really Know How to Live, Clouse's most dancefloor-oriented release yet.~ Aneet Nijjar