Snatch was the duo of Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon, a pair of expatriates who recorded their punk scree at the former's flat in London, England. They recorded a demo with a number of songs in 1976; Bomp's Greg Shaw offered to release anything from it, and the I.R.T. single, featuring two of the demos, was released in February of 1977. Their next single, All I Want, added drummer Jerry Nolan, bassist Bruce Douglas, guitarist Keeth Paul, and pianist Nick Plytas to the lineup. It wasn't released until March of 1978. The 12" Shopping for Clothes, released on Fetish, took even longer, surfacing in April of 1980. Palladin reached her greatest level of fame as the detached voice behind the Flying Lizards' version of "Money (That's What I Want)." ~ Andy Kellman

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