Southern Sons

Style -- the first embodiment of the gospel group known as the Southern Sons -- appeared in the '30s. Over the years there were changes in the membership, but the music stayed true and strong. Some of the artists that have been part of the Southern Sons are vocalists Clifford Givens, James Walker, Bob Holloway, David Smith, and Roscoe Robinson; saxophonists Sammy Downs, Clarence Hopkins, and Earl Ratliff; guitarists Tim Pruitt and Calvin Hobson; and organist Robert Claybourne.

The Southern Sons reached a height of popularity in the '50s. Four decades later, the group was still around, though the lineup had changed a few times. Some artists moved on to other groups, like the Blind Boys of Mississippi and the Dixie Hummingbirds.

Music from the Southern Sons offers fans a taste of deep-southern style gospel. Some of the songs the group has recorded include "Live So God Can Use You," "Oh, Lord, I'm in Your Care," "Jesus Is Ready When You Are," "He Answered My Prayers," "I Found the Lord," "Prayer Will Fix It," "The Son Came Out in My Life," and "Whatever You Want From the Lord." ~ Charlotte Dillon

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