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Talaboman is a collaboration between two well-respected deep house producers, Sweden's Axel Boman (co-founder of Studio Barnhus) and Spain's John Talabot (owner of Hivern Discs). Their work together doesn't stick to any specific style or mood, but it generally tends to be relaxed, lush, and earthy, with influences including African rhythms, disco, and ambient. The duo's first co-production as Talaboman was "Sideral," which appeared on Talabot's installment of the long-running DJ-Kicks mix series in 2013. The track was issued as a single by both artists' respective labels in 2014. The pair kept busy with individual projects for the next few years, but they found time to work on material together, recording tracks at various studios in Spain and Sweden. Talaboman's debut LP, The Night Land, was released by R&S in 2017. ~ Paul Simpson


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