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While the Briefs took an extended hiatus in 2007, retro-punk frontman Steve E. Nix continued his exploration of spunky melody-driven songcraft by launching the Cute Lepers. Stevie Kicks, also of the Briefs, joined his longtime bandmate on bass, while guitarist Zache Actually and drummer Josh Blisters completed the group's instrumental lineup. Hoping to inject their blend of British punk and power pop with traces of doo wop and old-time rock & roll, the Cute Lepers also opened their doors to a pair of singularly named backup singers, Meredith and Prisilla. The band then issued several 7" singles before signing with Blackheart Records, an American label owned by hard rock veteran Joan Jett. A European deal with Damaged Goods followed, and the Cute Lepers made their full-length debut with 2008's Can't Stand Modern Music. ~ Andrew Leahey

Seattle, WA

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