The Slow Show

Manchester-based indie outfit the Slow Show work in a dramatic, textural rock style not unlike the National or fellow Brits Elbow. Formed in 2010 by singer/guitarist Rob Goodwin, lead guitarist Joel Byrne-McCullough, keyboardist Frederik 't Kindt, bassist James Longden, and drummer Chris Hough, the band quickly found a home on the European touring circuit where they cut their teeth and developed a cult following. Veteran players with considerable studio acumen, the Slow Show spent several years laboring over their debut album, first releasing a pair of EPs on German label Haldern Pop before delivering 2015's White Water. The album received critical accolades and drew comparisons to Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen, thanks to Goodwin's rumbling baritone and their proclivity for moody atmospheric rock. Their sophomore set, Dream Darling, arrived a year later. ~ Timothy Monger

    Manchester, England

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