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Tracy Dawn made her public singing debut in front of her church congregation in her small hometown in Kansas at the age of four. When she got older, she left Kansas for Los Angeles to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter, but found more initial success as a model/actress. She also seems to have fallen into bad habits before undergoing a religious conversion. This is the way her September 2000 press biography artfully puts it: "[T]he city's seductive temptations began to fill a void Tracy Dawn didn't even know she had. The solace and serenity she was missing drove Tracy Dawn to a place of desperation and a deep search for spiritual fulfillment. It was only by stepping away from sold-out shows at the Roxy and the Troubadour, isolating herself from harmful influences and people that Tracy Dawn was able to finally find the solace she longed for in a God she had once known as a child." This change also occasioned an alteration of Dawn's musical approach, as she turned from folk to rock. She was signed to Warner Bros. Records and released her debut album, Poetic Aftermath, in October 2000. ~ William Ruhlmann

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