Another in the line of '90s goths who forsook guitars for the sampler and synthesizer, Rudy Ratzinger's :wumpscut: project was born in 1991 when he released his first cassette-only albums, Defcon and Small Chambermusicians. Vuz Records signed the German to their fold by the following year, and after a release on a 1993 Vuz compilation (New Forms of Entertainment), the first :wumpscut: album, Music for a Slaughtering Tribe, appeared in December 1993. After the release of the Dried Blood EP on Ant-Zen Records in 1994, Ratzinger had formed his own Beton Kopf Media label by 1995 and released both another EP and a full-length that year (Dried Blood of Gomorrha and Bunkertor 7, respectively). After the appearance of :wumpscut: on the U.S. compilation The Remix Wars -- alongside Haujobb -- the Metropolis label signed Ratzinger to an American deal and re-released the entirety of his work, followed by the new full-length Embryodead. Born Again followed in 1998, and two years later, :wumpscut: returned with Bloodchild. The aggro-industrial-tinged Wreath of Barbs illustrated Ratzinger's fondness for dance music's past and present when it was issued in fall 2001. The 2003 compilation, Preferential Legacy, rounded up singles and fan favorites, and the album Bone Peeler landed in 2004. The next year saw the release of the Evoke album, along with the "Blondi" single, while the aptly titled Cannibal Anthem appeared in 2006. The 2007 double-album Body Census was built for the club, while 2008's Schädling went for the throat; their 2009 LP combined the two styles under the banner of Fuckit. Siamese followed in 2010, then Bulwark Bazooka was released in 2014, with tracks like "Atrocity Dancer" and "Flesh Trench." In 2016, the group's Wuterich arrived along with the single "Leper Kid." ~ John Bush

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