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Nicholas Lyndhurst and Vicki Pepperdine lead the cast of the BBC Radio 4 sci-fi sitcom set on a shiny new planet, as it returns for a second series.

With the leader of the interplanetary colony expedition dead, his Number 2 - Brian - is now in charge. He's a nice enough chap, but his desire to sort things out with a nice friendly meeting infuriates the colony's Chief Physician Lillian, who'd rather everyone was walking round in tight colour-coded tunics saluting each other. She's also in charge of Project Adam, the plan to conceive and give birth to the first colony-born baby.

Adding to the joie de vivre are an entirely unscrupulous Chief Scientist and an idiot maintenance man, who believes he's an "empath" rather than a plumber.

In these six new episodes the contents of Lillian’s freezer threatens to make the colony's men unnecessary for ever more; a dangerous snuffly cold is let loose; a pub quiz and a talking yam spell disaster; election time arrives; the discovery of a poet amongst the colonists sets off trouble; and a dangerous search-and-rescue mission is launched on the planet’s surface. Also featuring Tom Goodman-Hill, Phil Whelans, John Dorney and full cast.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Vicki Pepperdine, Full Cast, Nicholas Lyndhurst
hr min
August 28
BBC Worldwide Ltd

Customer Reviews

Dgjfdjjhdgjgfjfjfkdfghkhffhjf ,

Love it

It’s so funny

Fluke32 ,

Even better than the first one.

I am a huge fan of the first series and this series is even better. There are more episodes and they are sharper and funnier than before. I was lucky enough to go and see two episodes being recorded and seeing the actors bring the characters to life was amazing. Nicolas Lyndhurst is brilliant as the commander by default. He has a real comedy pedigree that just shines through. Vikki Pepperdine is superb the cold as ice medical officer while Tom Goodman Hill is great as the morally devoid scientist. John Dorney and Letty Butler are equal to their cast members. A special mention to Phil Whelans. He plays the handy man who thinks he has empath powers Archer. Archer is a brilliant character who you laugh at and want to slap at the same time. Phil also wrote the series and is a brilliant writer as well as a very funny comedian.

Angry!!! ,

No track listing

Disappointed the download is one file. Would like to be able to choose an episode rather than scanning through 2+ hours of audio.

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