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This book brings together two collections of poems.

Part one of the book is a collection of pieces that I composed between February 2004 and December 2005. In February 2004 I learned that, due to an eye condition, I would eventually lose my sight, and these pieces reflect both my frustrations and sadness as I learned more about the condition and why it was happening. In many ways they express the confusion and anger that I felt during that period of time as gradually my usable vision dwindled away to nothing. But, as you will see from the later part of the collection, this ever-changing roller coaster of emotions eventually began to slow down, and hope and self-belief began to triumph over despair and anger. Thankfully, as time passed, my life began to steer in a more positive direction, away from the self-destructive path that I would have inevitably taken had I not found some degree of inner peace.

The second part of the book is a collection of stand-alone pieces that I wrote for a variety of reasons. Some were inspired by personal experiences, others by people or historical events, and some by my love of sci-fi and fantasy - while others were written "just because".

Drama & Poetry
Jonathan Keeble
hr min
6 August
Satin Publishing

Customer Reviews

Shadow Hunter 77 ,

I was surprised

I bought this writer's kids book for my girls and thought it was really good so I thought I'd try this book. I hadn't realised the writer is blind and to be honest the description of this book made me curious. I'm not massively into poetry so didn't really know what it would be like. I thought it was really good though and was surprised how dark some of the poems are. My wife wanted to listen to it and it made her cry but I don't know if that's a good thing or not. She likes poems more than me and says she thinks it's very good.

Belmulletman ,


Wow this is a powerfully written book of poetry, written by a young man facing the fear of losing his sight.
The pain and anguish washes over you.
Beautifully written and narrated, thank you.