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"A veritable head trip; yet rooted in a believable and sometimes visceral near-future.”

Grey is a high performer with attitude. Aled is torn between his morals and his desires. They live in a world where those who believe in absolute truth are on a collision course with those who don’t. Society is becoming dangerously polarised and despite a thread of history that binds Aled and Grey together they take opposite sides in the conflict; Grey is recruited by The Project and Aled is given custody of The Proof of Existence.

Against the backdrop of a failing society and experiments to find the link between quantum physics and a supreme being, the real question that unfolds is...

"Who chooses your reality?”


"'Quantum Confessions' is an original, thought provoking tale." 'The International Review of Books'

"To set this kind of dystopian exploration in a very near and recognisable future is a stroke of masterwork by Oram." – Katrina Northern

"By any stretch of the imagination, 'Quantum Confessions' is an excellent debut and one that demands your attention. Hopefully the first of many releases from Oram, it is recommended without reservation!" – Book Viral

"'Quantum Confessions' by Stephen Oram is a book that makes one stop in their tracks and think. I love the metaphysical, other-worldly element throughout the book which makes us all ponder the question: Who are we? And what is the truth?" – Gisela Dixon — 'Readers' Favorite'

"Though his fiction debut, Stephen Oram manages with the very first work to bring some great questions and present the dark, but a grandiose picture of dystopian future. Great is the author's idea to put on same side believers, equally those that believe in the divinity and science, opposing them with the mighty group that banned the absolute truth in any form – in that way Oram cleverly achieved that his novel is not only another one in a series of works where the future conflict emerges between religion and science." – Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

"Exciting, dystopian and a heady mix of family, physics and futurism!" – Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand

"Exciting, intelligent and poignant." C R Dudley, author of 'Fragments of Perception'

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 1
SilverWood Books

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