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World’s first Empowerment Script Book. An excellent aide for adults and children with psycho-trauma or dissociation. Everyone can read this for relaxation, neuroplastic potential and creativity. A breakthrough discovery. Patented. And it’s a great story about Sam the Tram.

Psycho-traumatologists may find the book a powerful tool in their therapeutic practice for psycho-trauma, dissociation and general mental exhaustion.

The formatting of the text in this book has been designed specifically to stimulate neural connectivity to supplement development suppressed since the intense experiences of trauma. This book can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Empowerment Script : the first line of text is written

just > as > you > are > reading,

.reverse < in < written < next < the < and

Empowerment Script is a relaxing way to stimulate neural pathways between both hemispheres of the brain. Psycho-traumatologists with experience in EMDR will readily see the possibilities. The ancient Greeks read forwards and backwards - was this an element of their inventiveness ?

Two independant and separate psycho-trauma professionals as skilled observers confirm that this Empowerment Script Book reduces stress and allows processing of PTSD, and DID by the professionals.

Readers get drawn into the illustrations and color as well. So, there is eye movement on many levels, and, for the first time, information is actually going into the mind. It is also very self-directed.

Join in the exploration of something new. For further information see our website.

Lowen Clarke has been researching personal and socio-psycho-trauma for many years. He lives in Maryborough, one of the Gold Cities of Victoria, Australia. ‘Empowerment Script is the best creation I have contributed. I first created it in 2003. I hope you enjoy this latest evolution.'

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May 21
Sam the Tram

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