From director Marc Wiese comes the award-winning, powerful story of Shin Dong Huyk who was born as a political prisoner in a death camp in North Korea. From the age of six, he was subjected to forced labour, hunger, beatings and torture. He was always at the mercy of the wardens, and knew nothing of the world outside the barbed-wire fences. He thought everybody lived that way. With the help of an older prisoner, he succeeded in escaping at the age of 23 and encountered a world completely strange to him. Camp 14: Total Control Zone offers a unique insight into this incredible story; from one of the few people who can talk first-hand about the ordeal of being raised in a North Korean prison camp. With CGI animation to bring his memories to life and the testimony of two former high-ranking North Korean officers involved in the prison camp system, Camp 14: Total Control Zone portrays shocking stories and perspectives in a film that is difficult to believe is real.

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