None of the friends who play dominoes every week in their local pub has a clue what erotic novels, formerly 'Chick Lit', now known as mummy porn consist of. Local newspaper editor David (Christian McKay) is astonished at the rate that his highly educated wife Jen (Caroline Catz) devours these books; pub manager Chris's (Tom Palmer) mother finds them liberating; Marcus's (Miles Jupp) bookshop is kept solvent by them and Justin's (David Troughton) English Literature class seems to know far more about them than is necessary or desirable. But David's ignorance of the genre doesn't last long - his scary boss Claire (Niamh Cusack) has decided that not only will he host a new arts show on the paper's local TV station, but that one of the topics will be mummy porn. Marcus meanwhile is making himself unpopular with his life and business partner Geoffrey (James Wilby), by trying to dissuade Diana (Cathy Tyson), a local poet from buying the latest mummy hit; 'She Came in Chains'. Diana challenges Marcus to write an erotic novel, which he loftily refuses. But when the pub is faced with imminent closure he is prepared to persuade the other two dominoes players that David's insane scheme - born out of his recent study of the topic, to co-write a mummy porn novel to save the pub is a good idea.

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