Richard is a typical cop who spends too much time on the job and isn't always there for his family. One day as he's preparing to spend some quality time with his young daughter he gets an urgent call and responds to it. His worst fears are brought to life when he returns home to find his daughter missing. Tragically, the girl's body is soon discovered, and thanks to the dedication of Richard's colleagues, a suspect is caught and convicted.

However, shortly after his incarceration the supposed killer manages to lure Richard into a secret correspondence. Wracked with guilt for his failure to save his daughter and filled with hatred for the man convicted of the crime Richard is initially resistant. But doubts begin to surface. Did they catch the right man? Or could a child murderer still be at large? Driven by his tortured conscience, and determined to find the truth, Richard launches his own secret investigation.

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Under The Milky Way


French (Stereo, Dolby)

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