The film focuses on four characters living in Malta. Bozo, is a clown entertainer who performs at children’s parties but is down on his luck. Bozo is experiencing a full-scale internal conflict that affects the way he interacts with people. We quickly learn that Bozo has sexual feelings for one of the boys though he does his best to suppress these. This conflict plays out in his head where he creates a fictional character who represents his conscience. This oscillating between the real and the imaginary gives a surreal feel to the torment that this character is subject to. The film starts with introducing Bozo and ends with him, thus completing the chain of events which make up the film. The second character, Claudia, is a once famous actress who has returned to the stage but who is once again riddled with insecurity and suffers from acute stage fright. This will bring her very close to a total breakdown with potentially dire consequences. As the story unfolds she meets a petty criminal who supplies her with a semi-automatic pistol and with whom she begins a relationship. Bizarrely, it is this burgeoning relationship which brings her back from the brink. The third character, DJ Trim, is a popular radio host who tackles the problem of racism in one of his programs but gets more than he bargained for. He suffers from OCD which does not prevent him from coming through as both manipulative and detached from other people as the story unfolds. The fourth and final character, Kyle, is a vision mixer who is under pressure for a number of reasons in his private family life – a mother suffering from dementia, marital and financial problems, a deaf-mute child. The combination of these pressures proves too much for him and he ends up in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack on the way to his big chance to direct a TV talk show for the first time. Even in the hospital, Kyle’s troubles catch up with him.

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