Four moms, whose only common ground is their kids' preschool class, arrange a fun mom dinner with the sole aim to drink wine, gossip, and bond without worrying about their kids, husbands and housework for the night. The dinner guests include the newly divorced Jamie (Molly Shannon, Divorce), super mom Melanie (Bridget Everett, Trainwreck), the stressed-out Emily (Katie Aselton, Legion), and Emily's best friend and social outcast Kate (Oscar Nominated Toni Collette, Little Miss Sunshine), who was more than a little reluctant in accepting the invite. The night begins as a disaster, but the combination of alcohol, karaoke, and a very cute bartender (Adam Levine, Maroon 5), leads to an unforgettable night where these seemingly different women realise they have more in common than just motherhood, mess and men...

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4 Ratings


Talented cast can't save formulaic "Bad Moms"-lite comedy.

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