Fifteen-year-old Emma Hawkins seemed like a pretty typical teenager until recently. She was restless, tired of the demands of her overprotective parents, sick of having to watch her younger brother all the time, hoping to get away somehow and have a life of her own. Suddenly, Emma's life changes in an unexpected way. She starts having frightening fits. Although her parents attribute her behaviour to psychological problems, Emma senses that something much darker is hiding inside her, waiting for it's time to break into the world. Desperate for answers, her parents have tried every medical test they can, but no real answers have surfaced. In the Hawkins housing complex, the residents are getting frightened. Strange things have been happening that they don't understand. The source of the horror is in the Hawkins family. Their daughter Emma is getting sicker by the day. Desperately reaching for help, the family relies on a priest who begins to visit Emma every day. He begins hypnosis sessions with her in order to help her relax so she can better express what is troubling her. Although he wants to reassure the family that all is well, he too is getting more and more frightened. There is something dark and terrible inside Emma that won't be hiding for much longer.

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