The fantasy film 'The Snow Queen' is based on the beloved fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The audience is enthralled by the fierce battle between light and darkness. The beautiful but freezing Snow Queen wants the magical Green Stone. With it she could rule all world. To touch the stone, the warm hand of a human is needed. The Snow Queen lures a boy, Kai, as her aid by promising him the Crown of Darkness. Kai’s friend Gerda leaves for a dangerous journey to the North to search for Kai. On her way she is captured by the magic of a witch. The witch wants to change her into a puppet, dancing ballet on her music box. After the Rose Girls set her free, Gerda continues to search for Kai in the castle of the princess and prince. They give her a royal convoy for protection. But in the forest robbers grab Gerda and take her to their camp. While the robbers sleep, Gerda takes the magical reindeer and they fly to the North, but she falls in a snow storm into the cave of the Sorceress. The friendly Sorceress gives Gerda some advice for fighting the evil forces with the warmth of her heart, and gives her a magical cape to make her invisible. Now Gerda is ready to save Kai, who is nearly frozen by the Snow Queen’s coldness...

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