The recent trend for many in the United States towards minimalism continues to grow. Japanese treehouse builder Yuichi Takeuchi and tsunami refugee turned tiny house blogger Gabriel Craft travel to the West Coast of the United States to seek the heart of the tiny house movement. Together with filmmaker Ben Matsunaga and lumberjack Atsushi Sato they undertake a ten day road trip, meeting friends and heroes they heard of through books and blogs and discover how their lives have been affected by their involvement in the tiny home movement. This documentary features in-depth interviews with iconic tiny house pioneers Jay Shafer, Dee Williams, and Lloyd Kahn. They gather intimate personal accounts and insights from dwellers Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith, designers Alek Lisefski and Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, and intentional builders Derin Williams and Todd Miller. As these Japanese filmmakers delve into American tiny house culture, they provide an intimate view into the reasons why so many have chosen to be part of this movement and why so many look to live a more simple life. This film is not just about tiny houses, but removing the unnecessary to focus on what is most important--family, community, and the freedom to live more intrinsically.

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