Something has happened and most of humanity has disappeared. At the same time a lethal wind has come into the world and is taking those that remain. Our hero, Sira, spends a final night caring for his sick mother. She passes and he must set off alone to a place that grants wishes. He meets a young girl, Lilly, who was separated from her father when the wind attacked. She joins him on his journey. They quickly encounter a Priest and his disciples. The Priest seems to be able to deflect the wind like Sira can. They are caught and taken to the Priests church where we find the Priest is holding the disciples captive. Sira helps to free them and he and Lilly continue on their journey. Nearby a high speed wind pursues a military vehicle. The lone soldier inside, Jay, leaps from the vehicle as it reaches it and uses his sniper rifle throw sound to evade the wind. Jay searches a manor house only to find a pile of ash. He grieves. He sees Sira and Lilly. With nothing else left for him he follows them. Sira and Lilly see a running woman, Jesse, being pursued by the wind. Sira deflects the wind away saving her life. She approaches them as Jay appears. Sira warns them that it’s getting late and they have to get inside and indicates a house beyond the trees. All four make their way to the abandoned house. We learn Jay had been searching for his wife only to find her turned to ash. We learn Jesse is a scientist and trying to understand what happened to everyone and this lethal wind. Jesse is convinced that she can learn more about what has happened and perhaps even replicate Sira’s ability with the right equipment but they must travel to her former professor’s home. It is a dangerous detour because his place is close to the city and Sira cannot detect the wind there. In the morning they travel to the professor's place. It has the equipment but in testing Jesse accidentally summons a wind and Lilly is turned to ash. The continue on and arrive at the place on Sira’s map, a simple field, which immediately transforms. The wind appears, not to attack, but to make a barrier between them and their loved ones as they appear one after another. Jay is lost before he can make it to his wife and is turned to ash and loses her forever. Sira fares better when his mother appears but must choose between her and Lilly when she appears alongside her. Sira cannot choose so places their hands in each other's so they can return to the place they appeared from and sacrificing himself. The wind descends upon him but before it can touch him, an expanding ball of light created by his mother and Lilly pushes it away and everything goes back to normal and they stand again in an empty field. Sira looks down to find another map made by his mother. Jesse recognises the destination, it’s far away and dangerous but they decide they must continue their journey.

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