In the early 60’s, during the cold war and apex of Pan-Arabism, a group of students and researchers enter the race to space and create the Lebanese Rocket Society. The intention of the group was to “create and launch rockets for space study and exploration.” They produced the first rocket of the Arab World. The project had no military character and was aimed at promoting science and research. These days, considering the world divisions and the bellicose attitudes, it would be inconceivable to allow a small team of dreamers to launch rockets into the skies of the Middle East. This adventure now plays out as anecdote in the course of history, a story kept secret. Through their work with documents, archives and animation as well as reconstitutions and art installations, the artists attempt to question this story and the ideas of reenactment, reconstitution and restaged in the present time.

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Arabic (Stereo, Dolby)

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