A fantastical adventure about a young girl, Anna, who discovers an old piano that transforms into a Jules Verne styled flying machine. Anna's father works abroad, and she misses him terribly, so she determines to take the flying machine on what turns out to be a perilous journey to find her father. The film is made by the producer of the Oscar winning animation Peter and the Wolf, and is made in the same puppet animation technique. Magic Piano was short-listed for the 2012 Oscars and the film is set to Chopin's Etudes, played by Chinese pianist Lang Lang. The film was performed with live piano in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall and New York's Lincoln Centre. The film features some of the most advanced puppet animation footage every achieved, and includes the longest continuous Puppet Animation shot in history. A treat for lovers of animation and lovers of classical music as well for children. The film was produced along with the Chopin Shorts Collections, which also feature Chopin sound tracks played by Lang Lang.

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