Under the shadow of Mount Kenya, a tribe of Maasai fear for their future. With ancient traditions such as female genital mutilation (FGM) still being performed on girls as young as six years of age, and HIV / Aids a constant dark shadow, the community must "change or perish." That change is coming in the form of young Maasai warriors who, remarkably, have formed a cricket team. They relate the sport to their hunting techniques - the ball is their spear, the bat is their shield. Whilst the elders are skeptical, the Warriors, as they call themselves, believe sport can inspire and educate, and they set out on a journey to play a cricket tournament in the UK. It is a journey that takes them across the skies, and ends with them stepping on to the manicured grass of the world famous Lord's Cricket Ground. Upon their return, the team find the courage to challenge the elders - an act that could see them banished. Can cricket really bring change to their part of the world? Warriors is the compelling story of the Maasai Warriors cricket team which resonates with people the world over – not just cricket fans. Follow this extraordinary journey of young people finding a voice to confront the age-old battle of tradition vs. progress.

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