For piano superstar Ludovico Einaudi, answering the question “Is It Finished?”—the title of this exclusive performance, filmed and recorded on June 12, 2019, at Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater—isn’t really the point. "I prefer the unfinished state,” he tells Apple Music. “It's a place where things might still change and evolve.” That approach allows for a certain kind of magic to happen—and it’s key to this world-premiere work. Einaudi's unique musical language melds classical compositional technique with influences from rock, folk, pop and other genres to create a wide and daring embrace of style and form. As these 12 pieces—at turns joyful, melancholic and ruminative—unfold, we get to witness one of music’s most game-changing artists in a rare environment, simultaneously onstage and in his studio, where, amid his piano, desk, books, cameras and other tools, new forms of expression are constantly taking root. Backdropped by vivid, thought-provoking visuals, Einaudi, cellist Redi Hasa and violinist/violist Federico Mecozzi mix pieces from the composer's concert repertoire—taken from albums including Elegy for the Arctic, Elements and 2019’s Seven Days Walking series—with others played for the very first time: “There is a balance between moments of ‘search' and others where the music flows with more definition,” Einaudi says of the work’s exploratory instincts. “It's a creative space where your mind can still wander.”



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