Elton John

Rocket Hour hits 100 episodes today. That’s 100 shows of Elton playing and talking about the hottest new music on his Beats 1 radio show! Tune in for the 100th at 7pm PST today / Tuesday 2pm GMT, only on Beats 1.

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Shanna Tillery
7 7 2017

Cheers, Sir Elton! I'm curious about something. From where do you record your radio show? Or does it depend upon where you happen to be that week? I live in Atlanta & know that you have "roots" here in my home city. How often are you in ATL? Thanks!💗

Oscar Pérez Revuelta
12 8 2017

Sgt Pepper's Best álbum in all history , it's all

IBK Spaceshipboi
16 8 2017

Congratulations Sir. Thank you for showcasing new talent to audiences around the world via your platform. I am glad you connect with PADEYA the way you do. Many blessings