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David Alvarado's house history started in the early '80s, evolving from DJ to producer, to having a major role in the settlement of the L.A. house scene. The Los Angeles native has recorded for labels such as Definitive, Yoshi Toshi, Strictly Rhythm, and his own label, Bomb Records. He credits legends such as Giorgio Moroder and Masters at Work as having a huge impact on his work as a producer and DJ.

As the Latin minority in a predominately white school, Alvarado and his friends found recreation in less social outlets -- like listening to and collecting music. Alvarado's cousin, who was a DJ, noticed the amount of vinyl Alvarado and his friends were collecting and convinced them to play local parties. From there, Alvarado's addiction to music and DJing snowballed, until it became a full-time part of his life. By the late '80s Alvarado's mix of Latin soul and British new romantic gained a following and earned him slots at the earliest parties and raves in the East Side scene.

In the early '90s the ever growing, sometimes larger than life, rave scene took over the once humble L.A. parties. Alvarado, noticing the change in environment, drew back and started producing. Longing for the "family" feeling he had witnessed in cities such as New York and Chicago, Alvarado teamed up with a friend to produce the Las Americas project. Shortly after, through a record store he was working at, Alvarado had a chance meeting with Richie Hawtin and Jon Acquaviva. A couple months later, when forming Definitive Records, Hawtin and Acquaviva called Alvarado in response to a white label they were given during their visit to the record store. Attracted to Definitive's philosophy of building an artist, Alvarado released the single on Definitive Records. The relationship with Windsor's Definitive/Plus 8 camp lead to a relationship with Toronto-based Stickmen. Alvarado worked with Stickmen on several tracks, putting his producing career his full motion. Still hoping to form a music-based family environment in Los Angeles, Alvarado used his credentials to start Bomb Records. Eventually, Bomb Records became a large part of the foundation in the L.A. house and club scene. Alvarado has made a name for himself through his productions and his constant global touring as a DJ. In late September of 2000, his first big mix CD, United DJs of America, Vol. 15, was released. The CD also marked a new partnership between Mixer and Razor & Tie Records. Unfiltered Sky followed in spring 2001. ~ Diana Potts

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