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Brannan Lane is a multi-genre artist. With each successive title his reputation grows as a producer and composer. He has performed in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. He's been a professional musician for 27 years. Brannan Lane draws from a wide range of influences. His 1998 debut release, Caribbean Dream, illustrates some of the diverse elements of Lane's musical palette. Words like contemporary, tribal, ambient, new age, or jazz, would be used to describe his music, beyond that, though, Brannan Lane is a diverse artist and you soon realize this after listening to his wide variety of work. Ultimately, though, the best of his work falls into that of the ambient genre. 2000's Lost Caverns of Thera is one example of this kind of excellent ambient work, as well as 2001's Troposphere and Sleep Cycle, which is singularly his best work. Lane travels into other directions as well, for example 2000's Blueprint falls into the smooth jazz genre and his Jambient electronica series could compete with the best of Astralwerks down-tempo releases. Brannan Lane makes his living as a full-time musician working in Nashville, the Music City. He works regularly with pop and country star Skeeter Davis, performing weekly radio and TV shows on the Grand Ole Opry. He also records and performs live with a band from New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA -- Delicious Blues Stew, who won the national KBA award in 2000. You can hear Brannan Lane Delicious Blues Stew's latest releases from the Music City Blues Society, "Bourbon Street Blues, Vol. 1," "Big Al & the Heavyweights," "Delicious Blues Stew"; he also records and performs Americana music in Nashville, TN, and Austin, TX, for the Ballistic Pintos. Beyond all of his many recorded outings, guest appearances, and performance spots; Brannan Lane has taken the time to compose music for the Sony Play Station, as well as doing other kinds of TV and radio jingle work. During the first half of 2002 Brannan Lane plans on releasing another half-dozen ambient/space music recordings, including a collaboration with ambient-master vidnaObmana. ~ Matt Borghi

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