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About Sugar Free

Started as a cover band that focused mostly on early rock, R&B, and funk, Sugarfree began to write their own, much poppier songs after the addition of vocalist Matteo Amantia in 2003. Having already made somewhat of a name for themselves in their native Sicily, Sugarfree -- also including keyboardist Luca Galeano, bassist Carmelo Siracusa, keyboardist Vincenzo Pistone, and drummer Giuseppe Lo Iacono -- were able to enter the studio and work with other young songwriters on their debut single, "Cleptomania," which came out in 2004 and almost immediately hit the top of the Italian charts. Their album, titled Clepto-Manie, was released the following year, and was reissued with a bonus DVD and the single "Solo Lei Mi Dà" (performed at the San Remo Festival the previous year) in 2006. ~ Marisa Brown

    Catania, Italy

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