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The victims of that killer of many bands, that is to say multiple line-up changes, Munich, Germany's Dreamscape managed to rise above the fray, and carved out quite a solid career for themselves over the years. Formed by guitarist Wolfgang Kerinnis and guitarist Stefan Gassner in 1986, the progressive rock outfit settled with the addition of vocalist Tobi Zoltan, bassist Benno Schmidtler, and drummer Andreas Angerer, and began live performances in 1992. The first of many line up changes began here, and when the dust settled, Dreamscape began work on the first of a series of demos. The first, Dreamscape, was released in 1993, and was followed by Decisions in 1994, and Changes in 1995. Understanding the changing face of the music business at the time, Dreamscape decided to move away from the concept of shopping demos to labels, and decided to self-fund the recording of a full length debut. The recording sessions is 1996 resulted in 1997's debut Trance-Like State. During the sessions, a keyboardist was brought in to add to and flesh out the sound. This shake up caused the sudden exit of founder Stefan Gassner and Andreas Angerer, leaving the band with a few holes to fill. The recording and release went on as planned, and 1997's debut was taken on and promoted by Rising Sun Productions. Before the band could get rolling with their new members, however, vocalist Tobi Zoltan was asked to leave, and eventually a replacement was found in Hubi Meisel. With the new set up in place the band released the 1999 opus, Very. After spending a good deal of 1999 working on the band's studio, Meisel left, and the band took some time out to regroup. Dreamscape returned in 2004 with End of Silence, followed up by 2005's Revoiced. For 2007's album, 5th Season, founder Kerinnis brought together a wholly new band, including Mischa Mang on vocals, Ralf Schwager on Bass, David Bertok on keys, and Micahel Schwager on drums. ~ Chris True

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