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Girl Authority, the nine-member group who all, at the time of their 2006 self-titled debut, fell between the ages of eight and 13, was started when Cambridge, MA-based Rounder Records decided to dive into the world of children's music, following the lead of the popular Kidz Bop compilations. Nine girls from the suburbs of Boston were gathered together to form Girl Authority, each taking on a different persona based on the song she chose to sing (there's Country Girl Crystal, Glamour Girl Carly, Preppy Girl Zoe, Bohemian or Boho, Girl Jess, Urban Girl Gina, Party Girl Kate, Rock-n-Roll Girl Tarr, All-Star Girl Jacqueline, and Fashion Girl Alex). Following their four strictly enforced rules to "sing loud and proud," to "dance like they mean it," to "love and respect their friends," and to "have fun," Girl Authority's debut album features kid-friendly covers of popular songs from the '60s and beyond. After a successful tour, which included opening up for the Dresden Dolls in Boston, the Girls set to work on their second album. Road Trip, which featured five original tunes (one of which, "Let's Get Together," was a reworked, previously unreleased Depeche Mode song) as well as an assortment of covers, was released in 2007. ~ Marisa Brown

    Sudbury, MA

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