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Iceburn and their later incarnation as the Iceburn Collective is one of a handful of groups in the genre of math rock. The group move in between soft passages and abrasive, dissonant music that incorporates elements of jazz, heavy metal, punk, and classical.

Formed in Salt Lake City, Iceburn's first release was Firon (1992), which was later re-released on Caroline Records. Signing to Revelation Records, the group released the double-LP Hephestus in 1993, which consisted of four tracks. After an EP, split with Engine Kid in 1994, they returned with Poetry of Fire that same year. Renaming themselves the Iceburn Collective, they released Meditavolutions in 1996. The tracks on 1998's Power of the Lion were conceived of as a modular music system which could be played in numerous combinations or in a collage. Partly inspired by quantum mechanics, the group experimented with the music as collage on their subsequent live dates. In 2000, they released Polar Bear Suit on which the band expanded to a small orchestra with the addition of two upright basses, bass clarinet, and bassoon. ~ Geoff Orens

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