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Formed out of the ashes of Sweatbus in 1996, the All Janet brought on their own unique brand of catchy pop riffs to their country of Sweden thanks in part to singer/guitarist and only original member Simon Malmen. With a deal on SPEECH Records not too long after their formation, the All Janet released their first single "On the Run" and soon settled themselves in as local pop icons with their first full-length, Grace, in 1997. However, the bands success didn't stop their lineup from revolving for the next two years that followed. It wasn't until 1999 when a full lineup was finally settled upon the release of their next single, "A Lot to Be Said." Accompanied by Fredrik Normark on drums, Anders Petterson on guitar, and Michael Johansson on bass, the All Janet carried on with their second album, In Your Quite Place, later on that year. ~ Mike DaRonco

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