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The banshee wail of vocalist Jay Aston was one of Gene Loves Jezebel's trademark quirks. As one-half of the creative minds behind Gene Loves Jezebel, Aston was behind the goth-flavored group's transition into AOR. Born on May 4, 1961, with his twin brother Michael Aston in Porthcawl, South Wales, Jay started playing music in the early '80s with the band Slav Aryan. Also featuring his sibling Michael, guitarist Ian Hudson, and a drum machine, the group was into the dark post-punk sounds that were becoming fashionable in England at the time. Aston relocated with the band to London in 1981; now called Gene Loves Jezebel, the group signed with Situation 2. In 1983, Aston contributed vocals on Xmal Deutschland's Fetisch. Gene Loves Jezebel became one of the most influential goth rock acts of the '80s; however, the group adopted an increasingly pop approach with each record. Promise and Immigrant represent Gene Loves Jezebel's daring blend of gloom and glam. By 1986's Discover, Gene Loves Jezebel was being played in dance clubs as "Heartache" and "Desire" leapt onto "Rock of the '80s" radio stations with slick yet undeniably catchy guitar hooks. In order to capitalize on the success of Discover, the follow-up, 1987's The House of Dolls, was even more accessible. The band's new direction was too polished and commercial for Michael; he parted ways with Jay in the late '80s and moved to Los Angeles. While Michael went solo, Jay kept the Gene Loves Jezebel name and recorded two albums, Kiss of Life and Heavenly Bodies, before reuniting with Michael for a tour in 1997. But the brothers' reconciliation was short-lived. Aston then recorded his solo debut, Unpopular Songs, followed by a critically praised Gene Loves Jezebel full-length, VII. ~ Michael Sutton

    Porthcawl, Wales
  • BORN
    May 4, 1961

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