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Street musicians Slewfoot & Cary B. happened to meet one evening on the bank of the Mississippi River in New Orleans in 2002, and the combination of Slewfoot's guitar and Cary's bass gelled, not to mention the sound of their voices together, and they joined forces as a musical team, becoming one of the most popular street acts in the Big Easy. Slewfoot was born Mark McLaughlin in 1953. He began playing guitar at 13. When he was 14 his mother killed herself, and since his father was on a tour of duty in Vietnam, the tragedy forced Mark and his brother into a nomadic life on the streets. The boys were reunited with their father a couple of years later when he managed to locate them in New Jersey, quickly taking them with him to Hawaii. Cary B. was born Carrie Beckelheimer in 1968. She earned a degree in theater from Marshal University in Huntington, WV, then traveled for some six years as part of a children's theater company before leaving to pursue music. Both excellent songwriters and singers, McLaughlin and Beckelheimer have an uncanny feel for harmonies and arrangement, and their songs have a remarkably dignified grace and elegance. Together they have recorded two albums of folk and blues-based originals, both released on the Music Maker Relief Foundation label, Grasshopper Pie (as Slewfoot & the Angels) and 2006's powerful and haunting Rainin in New Orleans. ~ Steve Leggett

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