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Embracing the darkest concepts of pop music culture, inspired by the penetrating visions of David Bowie's patterned extravaganzas, or Bauhaus' dim obsessive melodies, Glampire substantiates within his themes a unique kind of hybrid and empowered sound. Following a creative trail in between dark pop conceptions and raving picks of industrial style, Glampire succeeds in retrieving his own visions of groundbreaking, vigorous electronic mixed rock. Substantiating a personal predicament within the established industrial ground and strengthening his themes from within by way of self-producing his work, the musician, producer, and performer eventually expands his cult beyond the limits of composing. Born David Michael Jahn, Glampire started playing the guitar when he was only five years old. During his teen years, he continuously learned to play, by then having Robert Fripp as a teacher. After moving to New York City in the midst of the '90s, he decided to create Bedside Studios, already preparing to hit the underground music scene. Following two years of preparation, his first full-length album, The Beginning of Terror, arrived in 1997 confirming Glampire's resourceful and galvanizing creativity. Pretty Scary, his second full-length, hit record stores in 1998, and one year later, it was time for The Heraldic Universe, the third album. His exquisite musical scenarios and thrilling performances originated an always-larger following, expanding beyond U.S. frontiers, specifically due to the distribution of his records and themes on the Internet. In 2001, one year after the release of The Soft White Ghetto, Glampire delivered Drop Dead Gorgeous, his fifth album. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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