Beaten Awake

Comprised of Ohio's underappreciated indie rock royalty, Beaten Awake continue to embrace the melodic experimentation that made their former bands so great. Featuring members of the Party of Helicopters, the Man I Fell in Love With, Harriet the Spy, and New Terror Class, the band has a seemingly unstoppable pedigree. The band was formed in 2005 by Kent rock veterans Allen Karpinski, Jon Finley, Ryan Brannon, and Joel McAdams, who found themselves working at the same bar and occasionally jamming together. The group quickly put out a couple of demos, and eventually set out on tour with fellow Ohio natives the Black Keys as well as a stint as Daniel Johnston's backing band. In 2007, Beaten Awake released their debut album, Let's Get Simplified, on Patrick Carney's (of the Black Keys) label, Audio Eagle. Their sophomore album, Thunder$troke, was released in October of 2009 release by Fat Possum. ~ Gregory Heaney

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