Brittany Bosco

It may be difficult to peg multi-faceted singer/songwriter, Bosco — formerly known as Brittany Bosco — in a particular genre. Her influences in jazz, soul, and blues are glaring, but her lush and elastic vocal ability to occupy and maneuver through virtually any genre pushes past the boundaries of contemporary R&B/soul as we know it. The artist herself describes her music as "Gnarls [Barkley] meets a new-age Janice Joplin mothered by Sarah Vaughan." Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Bosco was classically trained in choral and opera music and attended the Savannah College of Art & Design. Here, she nurtured her passion for visual arts — majoring in fashion design — and formed the Big Up! collective, an interdisciplinary group comprised of Bosco, her fellow SCAD alum Mr. Collins (graphic designer & art director), and the Jack of Hearts (a four-piece alternative indie rock band).

Bosco's first official release, the City of Nowhere EP, passed under the radars of the masses in 2008. But her follow-up EP, fittingly titled Spectrum, left an indelible impression on the blogosphere, enabling the young songstress to win fans over nationwide. The project was independently produced and creatively packaged by Big Up! It represented Bosco's standard artistic disposition, visually and sonically, spanning a broad arc of emotive soul and biting funk grooves while summoning the ethos of antiquated jazz, blues, and classical. Bosco's buzz grew even louder the following year with Spectrum 2.0, the online re-release of her second EP that included bonus tracks.

After almost a year-long hiatus, Bosco released the standalone track "Ragdoll" via her bandcamp web page. The rugged blues-rock tune was a significant contrast to her body of work up to that point, but it only emphasized her refusal to be pigeonholed.

Unencumbered by expectations, Bosco continued her quest for reinvention when she collaborated with Washed Out bandmember Dog Bite, for her conceptual Pacer EP. Drenched in synths, distorted vocals, and reverb, the six-track project found Bosco at home in the burgeoning chillwave genre. In October of 2011, Bosco released The Scene, another free release via her bandcamp web page, where the singer stretches out over a sprawling palette of becalming soundscapes.

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