Care Bears On Fire

Formed in 2005 by three music-minded fifth-graders, Care Bears on Fire rose to regional prominence one year later, when the band's classicist approach to punk rock (tempered with a fondness for pop melodies) earned it a three-page spread in New York Magazine. Brooklyn natives Sophie, Lucio, and Isadora ("Izzy") took their cues from the old-school punk tradition, shunning their forenames and playing a series of shows in the Park Slope area. The trio also issued an introductory EP, Confuse Me, in 2006, followed by the full-length I Stole Your Animal one year later. Care Bears on Fire traveled to London for the Underage Festival and performed at the SXSW festival in 2008, but Lucio nevertheless left the group that April. A temporary replacement handled bass duties for several months, and Manhattan native Jena climbed aboard as a permanent addition in October, thus making Care Bears on Fire an all-girl band. A contract with S-Curve Records followed, and the trio released their second album Get Over It! in July of 2009. ~ Andrew Leahey

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