Prior to releasing his first album in 1999, Irish singer/songwriter Gavin Coyle won a number of prestigious competitions in his native country. Among them are the All-Ireland Singing Championship, which he won when he was just 14 years old, and the Derry Feisanna, which is among the largest events of its kind held in the country. With a number of championships under his belt, Coyle started performing professionally. His appearances include Requiem by Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Siege Pageant. In both England and Ireland, he sang in BBC productions. After settling in Chicago, IL, he also sang "the National Anthem" at Chicago Cubs games played at Wrigley Field. Coyle followed his debut album, Whisper of the Waves, with a live holiday album in 2000. The Lovin' Spoonful's Jerry Yester produced his third release, Half a Chance.

Coyle, a native of Derry in Northern Ireland, is the only son in a family of five children. During his youth, bombings and other forms of violence were frequent reminders of the political troubles that plagued his country. Coyle's parents did their best to keep their five offspring out of trouble, persuading them instead to pursue a love of music. When Coyle was 14, they sent him to the U.S. to take part in a project that promoted peace and friendship among people of different backgrounds.

Evidently the peace project made a lasting impression on Coyle. He went on to further his involvement in similar endeavors, mainly the Ulster Project. Upon joining it in 1992, he headed once again to America, where he was active as a youth chaperone among his other duties. Upon his return to Ireland, Coyle completed his studies in Belfast at St. Mary's College, where he majored in art and education. He graduated in 1994. The following year he relocated to the U.S. His benefit shows for the Ulster Project are frequently sold-out events. ~ Linda Seida

  • BORN
    12 November 1970

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