Gucci Crew II

Gucci Crew was one of the most prolific and crucial Miami booty-bass groups during the '80s and early '90s; when all was said and done, they had released five studio albums and one compilation. Each studio album was released on the group's own label. They debuted with a self-titled album in 1983 and followed it with 1985's G4, 1989's What Time Is It (It's Gucci Time), and 1991's So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid and Everybody Wants Some LPs. (From the second album on, the group was officially referred to as Gucci Crew II.) Throughout the years, the group stayed true to Miami's legacy of booming 808 drums and party themes, but they were never quite as raunchy (or dynamic) as 2 Live Crew. ~ Andy Kellman

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