A side project of Hatebreed frontman James Jasta that languished for nearly ten years before getting rolling (and noticed), Icepick released their debut Violent Epiphany on Jasta's pet label Stillborn in 2006. The band (which included Danny Diablo -- aka Lord Ezec -- of Crown of Thorns, Wayne Lozniak, and Frank Novinec) first came together in 1996, but it wasn't until the phenomenon of Ultimate Fighting became large enough to synergize itself that Icepick got any real notice. The UFC used an Icepick track on their 2004 collection Ultimate Beat Downs, Vol. 1 -- "Born To Crush You" -- and the song get enough of a reaction that Icepick went into the studio (with guests like Ice T, Roger Miret, and Al Barr) and recorded what would be their first album. ~ Chris True

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