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June Panic is a singer-songwriter and sonic experimenter from Fargo, North Dakota. Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan, and Skip Spence all come to mind when listening to Panic: Dylan because he begins with traditional American music forms and then twists them to fit his own idiosyncratic vision, often to nearly unrecognizable extremes; Bolan for his penchant for pomp and outrageous-even ridiculous- imagery; and Spence, not simply because he plays every instrument on his albums, but because of a neurotic claustrophobia that acts as the common tread among his disparate styles. Panic's vocal style reminds of Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes and the subjects of his songs seem to cover much the same territory as the Femmes: jittery angst, sexual frustration, and self-depreciation. ~ Jason Nickey

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