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Mean Street

Mean Street's greatest claim to fame is that their membership at one time included a young Gary Numan, playing bass under the name Gary Valerian; former B-Sides vocalist Jeremy Harrington, guitarist Chris Gorgier, and drummer Kenny Bishop completed the lineup. Originally known as Heroin (they also performed as Stiletto and Riot), Mean Street did not replace Numan when he quit in mid-1977; continuing on as a trio, they became regulars at the punk club the Vortex, and were included among the cast of the semi-seminal Live at the Vortex album. The release did not kick-start their career, however, and Mean Street broke up in spring 1978. Gorgier and Bishop later joined mod hopefuls Action Replay, and Harrington passed into Gloria Mundi and the Monochrome Set. Gary Numan did pretty well for himself as well. ~ Dave Thompson

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