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About Nikos Ikonomopoulos

Greek singer Nikos Ikonomopoulos is one of Greece's most prolific and respected pop singers to emerge from a reality TV show. Ikonomopoulos was born in 1984 just outside of the Greek city of Patras, where he would regularly perform while he was growing up. Up until his early twenties, he had multiple jobs to support his singing, even after he started performing in and around Northern Greece. In 2006, he became a contestant on the popular Greek reality TV show, Dream Show: The Music 2. Putting himself in the public eye for the first time accelerated his career immeasurably, especially considering that he was the overall winner of the show. Just one year later Ikonomopoulos released his debut album, Proti Agapi, to national acclaim. 2008 saw him further cement his celebrity status with his sophomore album, Akousa, leading to Ikonomopoulos winning an award for Best New Artist at the MAD Video Music Awards. For his third album, 2009's Katathesi Psihis, Ikonomopoulos signed to EMI's Greek subdivision Minos. For the next six years he would release an album on an almost annual basis -- all were well received -- including his ninth studio album, 2015's Ena Mikrofono Ki Ego. ~ Liam Martin