The Trashies

The online 'zine Now Wave described Seattle's the Trashies by saying "America's jobless, fast food eating, terminally wasted couch potatoes -- long ignored as a key market demographic -- finally have their generational spokespersons!" And don't think the Trashies wouldn't be proud to represent their nation's losers -- their music is a loud, flatulent cry against good taste, good manners, and the notion that punk rock is supposed to be anything besides crude, loud-mouthed fun. The Trashies feature Ron Wolfman on guitar and vocals, Billy Brownnote on bass, Jesse Cody on cheesy keyboards, and Ricky Trash on drums (though Ricky is sometimes personified by a cheap drum machine with "RICKY" spray-painted on it and other times by a living, breathing tub thumper). The Trashies made their recorded debut in the spring of 2005 with a 7" vinyl single, "Taz Tattoo" b/w "Get Daddy a Chicken Sandwich," followed a few months later by another 7", the EP Let It Be Trashed, which included the youth anthems "Steal Your Bike," "Nude Beach," and "1/64th Native American." The surprisingly industrious Trashies released a full-length album, Life Sucks Trash Fuck, in the summer of 2006, which included a loving tribute to G.G. Allin, "I H8 U Motherfuckers," featuring an audio sample of the late walking sewer himself. The album was released by the Trashies' own Mortville Records, which unleashed their second long-player, What Makes a Man Get Trashed?, in the spring of 2007. ~ Mark Deming

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